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A gasket is a mechanical seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects under compression.
Manufacture – All elastomeric gaskets of standard and non standard dimensions.

Seal House supplies a complete range of Metallic jointing and Semi-metallic jointing products, and a range of Soft Jointing products, including gaskets and sheet joints, to suit every industrial application.

We stock standard flange Gaskets in a variety of materials, ready for immediate dispatch.

In addition, we can precision-cut non-standard Gasket profiles to any shape, size and in any quantity, from a wide range of sheet materials, including our own extensive range.


Metallic Jointing products are those that are predominantly made of metal. They include Spiral-wound Gaskets, Ring-type Joints, stainless steel, bronze and mild steel Shim.

Spiral-Wound Gaskets
Spiral-wound Gaskets are used to seal flanges in applications where conventional jointing materials cannot be used due to high temperature, pressure, vibration and flow rates.

They are used worldwide in pipelines and pressure vessels in the petrochemical and ego-thermal industries, and for hydraulic plant and heat ex changer’s.

Seal House can provide custom Spiral-wound Gaskets to suit any pressure classes, size, shape and materials.


Semi-metallic jointing products come in a range of metal impregnated materials, and include Robustseals Profile Gaskets and Metal-impregnated Gaskets.

Robustseals Profile Gaskets

Seal House stocks the Robustseals range of Profile Gaskets and can precision-cut profiles to suit any environment or application.

Robustseals Profile Gaskets are more rigid than traditional spiral-wound gaskets and are now often used as an alternative to spiral-wound gaskets for high temperature and high pressure pipe work.


Soft Jointing products are those that are stamped from a range of sheet materials to any profile these include Gaskets and Sheet Joints.

Seal House stocks a large range of Soft Joint materials and can supply in cut lengths or in roll form.

Soft Jointing Materials

Seal House can assist with choosing the best material for a particular application as each of these specialist materials offer different properties, including resistance to temperature (high or low), pressure (high or low) and a range of chemicals and also resistance to abrasion and shock.